Falloprosthetics: Pros and Cons

falloprotezirovanie Falloprosthetics refers to a serious and radical operation that is performed in the case of erectile dysfunction in men. It is worth noting that surgical intervention is necessary only in difficult situations: with Peyronie's disease, vascular lesion of the genitals, with diabetes, and afterwards radiation therapy and radiation damage. Sometimes, the falloprosthesis is urgently used after a suffered genital tract injury or surgery on the urethra, the prostate gland. How effective is the operation? Is it dangerous for a man?

Features of the procedure

In severe cases with permanent and prolonged erectile dysfunction, which are caused by serious pathological processes in the body, it is impossible to improve the condition of a man with other non-surgical methods.

To date, it is the falloprosthesis is a real salvation for a man. It guarantees 97% recovery of sexual function. With the help of surgery, you can restore elasticity to the male sexual organ.

What is the procedure? Inside the genital organ implant cavernous bodies of inflatable cylinders or elastic silicone rods.

Interesting! Erection is extremely important for a man, without her completely broken sex life. For example, animals do not need to maintain erectile function, they have sexual intercourse as quickly as possible.

Indications for prosthetics of the male sexual organ

A surgical operation needs a man in the case of:

  • Cavernous fibrosis.
  • Vasculogenic (vascular) erectile dysfunction.
  • An underdeveloped reproductive organ.
  • Ineffectiveness of vacuum erectors.
  • Endocrine impotence.
  • Unsuccessful operation on the genitals, prostate, rectum.
  • Psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

We draw your attention to the last indication for the operation. In this case, the falloprosthesis is used if sex therapy, vacuum erectors, sex therapy, and the use of erotogenic drugs did not help.

Types of falloprostheses

In surgery, these devices are used:

  • Prostheses made of plastic.
  • Semi-rigid prosthesis or falloprosthesis.
  • Inflatable denture.

It should be noted that simple prostheses are not very comfortable. They delay the process of social adaptation of a person, and also lead to cosmetic discomfort. The only plus of such prostheses is a low price.

Features of plastic prostheses

Devices of this type are multilayer silicone cylinders, in which silver wire harnesses are specially installed. Due to them, the stiffness of the genital organ is maintained and maintained in the required position. When the prosthesis fully acclimatized, the sexual organ rises with the help of the hand. After sexual intercourse, he gently falls down and does not bring cosmetic discomfort.

The main advantages of the model include:

  • Mechanical reliability.
  • Optimum cost.

The shortage of a phalloprosthesis is that after an operation the genital is constantly hard.

Characteristics of inflatable falloprostheses

Surgeons consider this species as one of the perfect. Inflatable prosthesis of the genital organ provides a natural erection and softness during relaxation.

During the operation, inflatable cylinders are inserted into the cavernous body, special pumping pumps are placed in the scrotum, and the reservoir is placed behind the pubis. Then the three main components of the prosthesis are connected with the help of tubes.

To obtain an erection, the pump in the scrotum is compressed. Due to the flow of liquid into the cylinders from the reservoir (sterile water is poured), the male sexual organ hardens. To remove the erection, you need to press the pump again. The main advantages of this phalloprosthesis are cosmetic and functional comfort.

Complications after surgery

You must understand that each operation carries risks. Most often after surgery, such complications are observed:

  • . Non-implantation of the prosthesis or infection . The problem is most typical for patients with diabetes mellitus, as well as those who have a damaged spinal cord. Sometimes a complication occurs in the case of a second operation.
  • требует срочной замены и повторной операции. Defective defective prosthesis requires urgent replacement and re-operation.
  • . Shortening of the genital organ . In some situations, when the penile prosthesis is thickened or lengthen the genital organ.
  • в случае имплантации полужесткого протеза (половой орган постоянно является твердым). Cosmetic defects in the case of implantation of a semi-rigid prosthesis (the sex organ is always hard).

Recovery after surgery

For the first time, it is especially important to adhere to bed rest. About a week after the surgery, there may be a slight pain, with the genital greatly swelling. To prevent infection after surgery, a man should take antibiotics for a while.

After the operation, the man is restored within three weeks. You can resume sexual activity two months later. Sexual life in the postoperative period does not differ from normal. If the falloprosthesis is ideally suited, the sensitivity of the genital organ is not impaired.

So, in order to prevent complications, it is necessary to contact an experienced urologist or andrologist, who during the operation follows all standard requirements. If everything goes well, the man will be able to return to sexual life. It is important to consider that this procedure is performed only as a last resort, when other methods are ineffective. Many men confuse phalloprosthetics with an increase in the sexual organ - these are two different operations. Prostheses are used for those who do not have an erection at all, while drugs, injections, other drugs do not help. It is important to pay attention to the type of prosthesis, older models bring a lot of discomfort, so if possible, it is better to prefer modern devices. Watch your man's health!

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